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Line Card

Manufacturers we work with

RF/MW Cabling, Assemblies and Connectors/Interconnects

Frequency range up to 90 GHz
Solderless flexible semi-rigid replacement cable
Solderless Field terminated cable assembly
Lightning Protectors and Limiters
Jamming Antennas
Tunable Phase Shifters

Fiber Optic Converters and Assemblies

Low Noise RF over Fiber converters up to 40 GHz
GPS over fiber, power over fiber 1-3 watts
LAN over Fiber 1/6/12 Channels, 1 Gbps
Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies, SM/MM
TFOCA + Expanded beam connectors
Optical Delay Lines

Pico Filters: Up to 22.0 GHz
Nano Filters: Up to 8.0 GHz
Cavity Filters: Up to 50.0 GHz
LC Filters: Up to 8.0 GHz
Ceramic Filters: Up to 8.0 GHz
Multiplexers: Up to 50 GHz

Switch Filter Banks: Up to 18 GHz
LTE Filters & Duplexer
High Power Filter Products: Up to 30Kw
RF Front End Assemblies

Line Card

RF Power and Amplifier design and manufacturing
17 Hz to 6 GHz; roadmap to 31 GHz
Up to 2000 watts
CW, Pulsed and Modulated waveforms

System architecture and integration, rapid prototyping
Robust designs; MTBF 200,000 and 1 million hours
Short design time; competitive cost
Integrated Solutions: PA focused systems

Satellite Test Equipment
Noise/Frequency Generators
Loop Test Translators
Battery Powered and Outdoor Options
Phase Locked Oscillators

Electromechanical Switches
Passive Components
Attenuators, Couplers, Power Dividers

Military Defense and Aerospace Heritage
Flexible and Rigid Waveguide
Frequency Range up to 110 GHz
Rotary Joints
Standard Gain Horns

Waveguide to Coax Adapters
Waveguide Flange Extrusions
Arc Detectors
High Power Pressure Window
Magic Tees
Torsional Joints

Software controlled Switch Matrix
Fastest switch on the market – 3 nsec
Switch Matrixes up to 40 GHz
High Power Pin Diode switches

Integrated Assemblies
Switch/Filter Matrices
Power Dividers
Custom designs available

Glass to metal seals including single pin feedthroughs, TO style headers, relays, and machined kovar housings with directly fired in pins
Plating services in house through our wholly owned subsidiary Fin-Tec
Defense, Aerospace, Commercial, RF Microwave Industries
Over 100 years of combined industry experience among our managers
As a small business we place a premium on supplying excellent customer service in both admin functions and engineering design

Superior RF Performance MEMs Switches for RF, DC and AC/DC Applications
Ultra-low insertion loss- lower than comparable solid-state solutions
High-Linearity: >+85 dBm IP3
Broadband: From DC to > 30 GHz+
High-Power Handling: >100 W (CW)
Low-Power: pA of drive current
Hot-switch Capable

High voltage switches
RF tuning products
High power RF switches
AC/DC smart power relays